Meeting in German Smart Factory (DFKI)

Meeting with Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster and Prof. Detlef Zuhlke in German Research Center for Artificial Inteligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern.

DTPoland is deeply involved in the research of Industry 4.0 topic.

Again, our way of work is to cooperate on the 3 plains: business, state and university. Only in a bigger group and partnerships, new future can be defined.

Cooperation with Technical University Dresden

With Prof. Werner Hufenbach and Dr. Andrzej Czulak.

DTP closely cooperates with Technical University Dresden (TUD) – world top technical university, identified as German “Excellence University”.

The challenge is to merge lightweight materials from the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology with DTP’s advanced electronics.

Talks with German Ministry of Education & Research

With Prof. Johanna Wanka, German Ministry of Education & Research.

DTP’s successful cooperation key is to work with and link 3 plains: business, state and university.

  • Business: network of over 50 business partners,
  • State: Poland & Germany,
  • University: TU Dresden, Warsaw University, Zielona Gora University, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.

  • On the picture from the left:

  • Prof. Johanna Wanka, German Ministry of Education & Research,
  • Prof. Janusz Szajna, DTPoland President,
  • Ernst Raue, DTPoland Supervisory Board Member, Many years Chief of CeBIT and Deutsche Messe
  • Talks with Polish officials

    With Bogdan Borusewicz, President (Marshal) of Polish Senate,

    Helena Hatka, Polish senator, member of the Polish delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

    Officials from the Trade and Investment Promotion Section, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin

    Visit of Polish First Lady

    Meeting with Jolanta Kwasniewska former Polish First Lady.

    President of the Foundation “Agreement without barriers”.