Digital Technology Poland is an ICT & software – R&D and innovations house.

Software and hardware services

DTP provides software and hardware services to market leaders,
discovers and develops new technologies and simplifies people’s life.

DTP’s experts are deeply involved and operate in the fields of:
information technology (IT), data transmission, advanced digital electronics and digital TV,
including high and low level software, digital and analog hardware, and chip design.

The company specializes in difficult and innovative tasks.

2 hours’ drive from Berlin

We’re close to you

Representative Office
Hannover, Germany.

Headquarters and main R&D center
Zielona Gora, Western Poland,
less than 2 hours’ drive from Berlin.

Other R&D center
Warsaw, Poland.

Main DTP facilities are located in Science Center,
brand new Zielona Gora University buildings, funded by European Union.

DTP combines Engineering Experts, Young Talents and

Experienced Managers


The company is led by Prof. Janusz C. Szajna, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2004 by Ernst & Young,
in the Polish edition of the competition.

Janusz Szajna was a nationwide winner in ‘Service’, one of the three categories of the competition,
awarded for ‘Skillful use of Polish technical thought in international markets’.

Prior to DTP he was one of the 4 co-founders of ADB.
Under his leadership, ADB’s polish R&D team grew from an unknown,
4-member group, to a team of 500 world class engineers
specialized in innovations.


Projects accomplished with the participation of members of our team received 9 times spectacular title "Product of the Year"
at the biggest worldwide competitions: IBC, CSI International, IMS Research.

Best of the best:

World Programming Champions

Digital Technology Poland cooperates with Polish universities in Zielona Gora and Warsaw.

The company especially values the cooperation with
prof. Krzysztof Diks – the father of the World Junior Programming Champions.
His students have won 30 medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics – IOI.