QA and Test Automation

Testing means quality. Automation maximizes the process.

A balance between the best quality and suitable costs is what all companies must look for. Quality assurance and test automation have impact on both – first one checks quality while the second reduces costs of the testing phase.

DTPoland service can be utilized to:

  • Trusted Engineers, not just testers
  • Several unique bug-hunting methods
  • Test automation systems
  • Creative Test automation formation
  • Specific testing machine building (hardware and software)
  • Outcomes you can trust
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See the list of our tests.

Due to the nature and complexity of software projects, they often cannot be tested manually.

Manual testing can be applied for simple non-repetitive tests but they cost a lot of time and resources. The amount of required resources multiplies, if the same or similar test cases need to be rerun frequently.

Test automation lets you use specific, often self-created, hardware and/or software to improve to process, leaving you just the collection of the outcomes after given time.

DTPoland can offer Quality Assurance and test automation services to address your needs and help you with achieving best quality with optimized costs.

DTP offers all kind of software and hardware quality control tests:

  • Code inspection,
  • software verification & validation,
  • Black & White box testing,
  • Acceptance testing,
  • Agile testing,
  • Smoke tests,
  • Functional testing,
  • Regression testing,
  • Test automation,
  • other.

DTPoland service can be utilized to:

  • Support agile / iterative product development which requires repetitive regression testing on daily basis with stress on automation of repeatable procedures.
  • Regression testing after error correction or further development of the software
  • Software testing on different platforms or with different configurations
  • Data-driven product testing
  • Black / White box product testing
  • Product security assessment and testing
  • Develop customized test framework strictly designed and optimized for given product (e.g. for GUI response performance control)
  • Avoid or significantly reduce project delays and cost escalations due to extensive regression testing thanks to test automation

Test automation process in few steps:

  • Assessment
    • Understanding of business needs
    • Evaluation of testing requirements
    • Proof of Concept
    • Tools selection
  • Planning
    • Define project scope and resources needed
    • Prepare test cases
  • Implementation
    • Framework customization/implementation
    • Test script development
    • Test environment setup
  • Execution
    • Test cases execution
    • Results capturing
    • Review and analysis
  • Reporting and Optimization
    • Defect and error reporting
    • Framework and test cases adjustments