Software design and development

DTP software team members have more than 20 years of proven software development experience. Our engineers took lead roles in projects in various areas such as: hardware drivers, real time OS for embedded solution, User Interfaces, end-to-end satellite, cable, terrestrial, and IP video and data delivery systems, production line tools, aircraft design software, big database systems and project and process management software.

Our services include:

  • Development of technical requirements.
  • Software product architecture design.
  • Product development plan with milestones.
  • Implementation and quality assurance.
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DTP starts from definition of technical requirements based on business requirements. Next step is in designing new software product architecture. Having that we create a product implementation and delivery plan. Software implementation starts in parallel to quality assurance test plan development and once first software modules are ready, our QA team takes care of each deliverable quality verification.

Software product development processes are build around three main pillars that DTP applies to ensure short time to market, development costs optimization and high quality results.

Software design and development methodology:

  • Flexible and effective change management to the project teams.
    • Allows a customer to re-prioritize software functionality when needed and in accordance with business goals and objectives that may change during a project development cycle.
    • Requirement changes do not impact milestones and the whole product development plan significantly.
  • Incremental development.
    • Frequent partial functioning product deliveries, which can be demonstrated and verified by customer.
    • Ability to change product requirements throughout the project life cycle.
    • Better control of the progress and project risks also seen from customer perspective.
  • Continuous integration and quality control.
    • Fully automated software product build procedure.
    • Automated or semi automated integration tests are run daily.
    • When software product build breaks, it is easy to identify a problematic change and fix the problem at its early stage.
    • The cost of fixing a defect in a software product depends on when it is discovered. The earlier the stage is, the less effort is needed for fixing.

We are flexible and can adapt to other development methodology if needed.