Software maintenance and migration

Every software product requires regular maintenance to ensure that bugs and security loopholes are constantly checked for and fixed if needed. For DTP maintaining software also means enhancing it by extending legacy software features, adding new modules and functions, allowing your existing software to be updated to meet your evolving business goals and requirements.

We offer:

  • Complete approach to product maintenance.
  • Legacy product updating.

Complete approach to product maintenance means:

  • Working on a solution re-engineering to include new market requirements.
  • Enhancing current product functionality.
  • Contributing to overall product and service solutions evolution, bottlenecks root-cause analyses and improvements propositions to remove or relax limitations.
  • Improving quality of an original solution by introducing optimization in various areas.

Usually, to keep pace with market trends, migration of legacy software to new platforms is needed. Main objective here is to retain and extend a value of the legacy investment through migration to new software and hardware platforms. DTP is ready to help you with such projects by providing migration service for an entire or part of a legacy solution to transform it through:

  • Moving legacy software product functionality to a new hardware.
  • Moving a legacy software application to a new operating system which offers higher performance, functionality evolution, security or other benefits.
  • Moving a legacy product data to a new more efficient database system including introduction of necessary changes to legacy software applications to facilitate a complete use of new database systems.